Working as an AARP Tax-Aide volunteer is very rewarding!  See testimonials below from some of our volunteers.

Phil G. in Arroyo Grande

Someone told me that the most rewording non-profit experience they ever had was working as a volunteer tax preparer for AARP.  So last year I tried it.  And they were correct!  We are doing our clients a real service and the appreciation they show is worth $ 1,000 per hour.  Try it.  You will be glad you did.

Tom H. in Nipomo

I am a retired technology consulting executive living in Nipomo.  When I retired in 2009 I was looking for a volunteer opportunity where I could use my professional background to “giveback” to our community, particularly to some of our lower income and disadvantaged residents.  The AARP Tax-Aide program has been a marvelous vehicle for fulfilling this need.

The Tax Aide program training was excellent and I easily passed the IRS counselor certification test which we take each year.  The tax returns we prepare are generally non-complex and take less than an hour.  Volunteers usually work one day a week February through early April.  The heartfelt thanks we receive when assisting our friends and neighbors are genuine and make our work so worthwhile.

Also, one of the things I missed after retiring was working with others in a collaborative environment towards a common goal.  My fellow AARP Tax Aide team members come from all walks and backgrounds: school teachers, government employees, bankers, engineers, lawyers, college professors, pharmacists, you name it.  The one common denominator is the desire to help others.  I have made some great friendships with my AARP team members and truly am saddened when our tax season ends in April.

If you are looking for a great volunteer experience, please consider the AARP Tax-Aide program.

Carol M. in Cayucos

I have been a scheduler for AARP Tax-Aide for the past four years.  I work two half-days per week, mid-January to April, mostly from home, answering the telephone calls from local residents looking for appointments to have their taxes done.  I love helping out in this fashion, working with the other schedulers and tax preparers.  Callers are really grateful for our service and make me feel good about giving back.  If you don’t feel comfortable preparing taxes for clients but still want to help out, consider volunteering as a scheduler.  You won’t be sorry!

Don G. in San Luis Obispo

When I retired in 1999 I was seeking volunteer opportunities in which I could use my financial background to help others.  I soon learned about AARP Tax-Aide.  In January 2001, I took the one-week class and passed the IRS exam.  In February, I began preparing tax returns at a bank in Arroyo Grande.  In my 15 years with AARP Tax-Aide, I have held several positions, including electronic return transmitter, instructor, tax team leader in San Luis Obispo, and now District Coordinator.  I have enjoyed volunteering with great people and have felt rewarded by the looks of relief and gratitude from taxpayers when their returns are completed.  I take pride in preparing accurate returns and helping taxpayers through oftentimes stressful experiences.  I enjoy lasting friendships with other volunteers and with taxpayers.  Please consider volunteering with AARP Tax-Aide.  You just may become hooked, like I have.

Norman B. in Arroyo Grande

Once I retired, I was looking for volunteer activities that would allow me to give back to or help make a difference in my community.  One of the most rewarding activities I found is the AARP Tax-Aide Program.

I discovered that there are numerous benefits to participating in the program.  First, it is an excellent way to provide a service to the community by enabling local taxpayers of all ages to file their tax returns quickly and easily for free.  Second, you will meet taxpayer clients and work with like-minded colleagues who will enrich your life.  Our taxpayers always express their genuine appreciation for our efforts in helping them and many return year after year.  You may also develop new friendships with your tax counselor colleagues, as I have.

Finally, the program helps to keep our minds active through the learning process we undergo and the different tax situations we encounter each year.  Tax counselors strive to create a collegial atmosphere wherein we often discuss on-site how best to handle the variety of tax situations that we encounter.

If this program sounds like it might be a fit for you, please check us out!  You will not regret it.

Want to volunteer?

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