What To Bring

What to bring with you to your tax appointment:

A copy of your previous year’s returns (Federal and California)
Click here to get a copy of your previous year’s Federal return.
Click here to get a copy of your previous year’s California return.

Driver’s License or other government issued photo ID for taxpayer and spouse

Social Security cards or ITIN letters for taxpayer, spouse and all dependents (Not required for Social Security recipients)
Click here to get a replacement Social Security card.

Your check book if you want a direct deposit of your refund

IRS Intake Form (Optional):

All clients must fill out the IRS Intake Form.  If you wish, you can fill it out ahead of time and bring it to your tax appointment.

You will also need the following items, where applicable:

Income Documentation:

Health Insurance Documentation:

If not on Medicare, bring any 1095 forms you have from your health insurance provider or Covered California.

Expense Documentation:


Most taxpayers take the standard deduction for federal, but California has lower limits so you may be able to itemize for California. If you have a substantial amount of deductions, typically from mortgage and property taxes, you may want to itemize. You will need to bring the following information:



Information on the third Economic Stimulus Payment – last spring, 2021 - Notice 1444-C.

If you were self-employed and lost work to sickness or the care of others with sickness, please bring that information.