To protect the health and safety of our volunteers and taxpayers, none of the AARP Tax-Aide sites in San Luis Obispo County will reopen for income tax return preparation in 2020.

AARP offers several options to prepare your Federal and California tax returns online for free: Go to https://signup.aarpfoundation.org/preparing-your-taxes-online/ to explore both the options for preparing your tax return by yourself and requesting help from an expert tax preparer.

If your income is below $14,000, you may not be required to file a tax return.

If you choose, for whatever reason, not to prepare a 2019 return now we’ll help you with the 2019 return when you file your 2020 return.  Please be aware that if you owe money you could be assessed late penalties and interest if you delay until next year.

If you are due a refund from 2019 there is no financial penalty if you wait until next year to file.

If you are unsure whether you owe or may get a refund, and you aren’t comfortable preparing your own return with any of the options we offer, we recommend you contact a paid preparer for help.

If you have a question about your 2019 taxes already filed by an AARP tax site and need to speak to a tax preparer, please call 805-931-6308 and leave a message with your question and the name of the community where your return was prepared.

AARP AARP Tax-Aide, a joint Internal Revenue Service and AARP Foundation program, helps taxpayers by preparing US and state income tax returns and ensuring that taxpayers receive all applicable tax credits and deductions.

AARP Tax-Aide tax preparation and filing is always free.  It is available to all taxpayers except those with complicated returns such as rental property, with special attention to seniors and those with low or moderate income.  Look at our Who Qualifies page for more details.

Any questions?  Contact us at info@ccfreetax.org.                                                                    Visit us on Facebook.